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Contracting may be an exciting and demanding new career route, but it can also be intimidating. It has the ability to provide you with new opportunities and revenue streams while also supporting you in increasing your industry knowledge and abilities. Our services are set up to ensure you get the most out of your money with the best solutions, whether you are just getting started or are an experienced contractor.


It is more convenient for all contractors to utilise an umbrella company, such as Bexbury, because it is a hassle-free way of working and ensures that you are covered by professional indemnity, public & employer's liability insurance.


If you manage a small business, you may be seeking for methods to improve your work-life balance. Rather than commiting your spare time to payroll and paperwork, you can rely on Bexbury to ensure that payroll goes as smoothly as possible.


As an agency, making sure you pay your employees on time and in a timely manner will help you develop. We work with you and your contractors to guarantee that everyone is paid on time and in compliance. Giving you the confidence to grow!


The Benefits of Contracting

Contracting provides advantages in almost every economic sector, including increased possibilities for skill development, greater flexibility, and financial incentives. As your contracting career advances, you will discover that a wider range of contract work becomes available to you, and you will earn vital skills and experience working with a diverse range of customers along the way. In this way, contracting becomes your own commercial enterprise.

Because contracting differs from permanent employment in that you have the opportunity to pick how you will be compensated, contracting is a good option for freelancers. It’s critical to set up you businesses in such a way that you remain compliant with tax requirements stipulated by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), while also raising your take-home income to the greatest extent feasible.

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