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Our Approach

About our company

It’s an approach that brings together the best of financial planning and the best of investment management.

The service we provide contractors offers them with peace of mind in knowing that they will be paid on time and that they will be able to contact a friendly team for assistance with payroll questions. 

We provide an umbrella service that is transparent, compliant, and dependable, allowing everyone involved to focus on what they do best. We make certain that your contractors are paid the correct amount, on time, every time, so that they can focus on their work. Our onboarding process is simple enough that your contractors may be registered with us in a couple of hours, allowing them to start working immediately.

With Bexbury’s payroll services, I’ve been able to see a bright future ahead of me! It’s easy to get in touch with someone who can give you some advice. Most importantly all my staff are happy.

Payroll with peace of mind

Bexbury, provide payroll services to contractors and freelancers in order to give them peace of mind and to assure them that we are working diligently to ensure that they receive their earnings without difficulty.

As an agency, making sure you pay your employees on time and properly makes a significant impact in your success. We work in partnership with you and your contractors to guarantee that everyone is paid on time and that all regulations are followed. 

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Here is an example of the some of the industries in which we can help working professionals. However we are not limited to these sectors. feel free to get in touch with us and see how we can help.


Transport & Logistics

Medical Service

Project Management & Admin


Finance & Legal


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