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We provide payroll solutions for contractors and companies.

Bexbury offers professional support and guidance to help companies grow their workforce; while our umbrella solutions allow contractors flexibility while maintaining the security of a full-time employee. Our personalised approach ensures that you get paid the same day, that your tax arrangements are handled professionally, and, most significantly, that you don’t have any company responsibilities, allowing you to enjoy your contracting and free time.

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When contracting you get to work how and when you want.

Full Protection

Umbrella services offer you the protection of a full time employee.

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Compliant with all UK legislation so you don't have to worry

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Get paid and weekly through a method that suits you.


Get the most out of your money.

Bexbury Ltd gives professional support and guidance to assist your business in growing, and we’re here to assist you as you expand, regardless of the obstacles that arise.

Our umbrella company solution enables you to contract while maintaining the security of an employee. Our customised strategy ensures that you receive payment on the same day, that your tax obligations are handled correctly, and, most significantly, that you are free of company responsibilities, allowing you to focus on contracts and leisure time.


It is more convenient for all contractors to utilise an umbrella company, such as Bexbury, because it is a hassle-free way of working and ensures that you are covered by professional indemnity, public liability, and employer's liability insurance.


If you manage a small business, you may be seeking for methods to improve your work-life balance. Rather than commiting your spare time to payroll and paperwork, you can rely on Bexbury. We are here to ensure that payroll goes as smoothly as possible for your company.


As an agency, making sure you pay your employees on time and in a timely manner will help you develop. We work with you and your contractors to guarantee that everyone is paid on time and in compliance.

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General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions to help you make your decision towards hassle free payroll.

An Umbrella Company is a company which employs contractors working on a temporary contract for a recruitment company. It is usually the option of choice for first time contractors, or those who don’t want to incur the burdens of running their own company.

IR35 or as is more formerly known “Intermediaries Legislation” was introduced by HMRC in 2000 as tax legislation specifically designed to battle tax avoidance by workers supplying services to clients through an intermediary, such as a limited company and used to assess whether a contractor is a genuine contractor rather than a ‘disguised’ employee, for the purposes of paying tax.

Genuine contractors, freelancers or consultants have nothing to fear from the IR35 legislation and are free to enjoy the benefits off using an intermediary service. The ‘outside IR35’ workers are able to take payment in the form of dividends from their limited companies.

Get in touch or fill in a registration form. We will collect your details, once we have this we will get in contact with you and explain the next steps.

1257L – This is the current standard tax code for this tax year, you are entitled to a cumulative allowance of £12,570 between April 2021- April 2021.
0T – You have not sent a P45 or completed a P46 before your first payment, and therefore you do not have any allowances for tax. It could also mean that your allowances have been used up or reduced to nil by HMRC.
BR – You have a second job/pension. All your income will be subject to 20% tax. If you do not have a second job/pension, you should contact HMRC to rectify.
D0 – You have a 2nd job/pension and you are a higher rate tax payer. All your income will be subject to 40% tax. If you do not have a second job/pension, you should contact HMRC to rectify.
D1 – You have a 2nd job/pension and you are an additional rate tax payer. All your income will be subject to 45% tax. If you do not have a second job/pension, you should contact HMRC to rectify.
NT – You are not subject to any tax deductions (0%).
Emergency Codes – Week 1 or Month 1 emergency codes treat each week or month in isolation and gives an equal amount of tax-free pay every tax week or month that you are paid. This means that your previous tax history for the tax year is not being considered in your tax calculation each week or month. 

Contact us and inform us of the changes; then, once we have finalised this, we will issue a P45 for your new employer, which means employment with us has ended.

Umbrella Companies help first time contractors as they deal with payroll, tax deductions, paperwork, so that you don’t have to, and ensure you get paid on time each month.


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